Where Were We?

I don’t want to make excuses, but yet again I’ve managed to disappear with minimal updates.

I will make up for this, I assure you!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I bought a copy of Sleeping Dogs and finished it a few weeks ago.  My thoughts are forthcoming but I will tell you that while it’s enjoyable – it certainly isn’t up to the standards of Grand Theft Auto.

Do these dogs have bite?

  • Currently I’m playing through Borderlands.  I do realize that Borderlands 2 was released a few months ago but I’ve never gotten around to the original.  I’ve been having a good time playing through – although I can only imagine how much more the game shines with a few friends at your side.  Sniping bandits on your own does get a bit lonesome after a while.

The Gang from Borderlands

  • I bought a copy of Sonic Generations for my partner as it was a game I mentioned she should check out.  We had a quick play through last weekend and wow, my eyes.  The burning.  There’s so much movement on the screen I found it almost impossible to play.  It really did make my head spin.  The blue blur indeed but I still can’t understand why Sega can’t make a good Sonic game in this generation.

2D Meets 3D in Sonic Generations

  • In other purchase news I finally bought a copy of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  This game has been impossible to track down in New Zealand.  Really can’t understand it so I managed to procure one-off eBay.  I certainly wasn’t the best at the original game but watching those competitive videos on YouTube does inspire me to give it another go:

More to come in the coming days.  Stay tuned..

Hadoken! Rediscovering Street Fighter II – Arcade Edition

While checking out one of the best food courts in Auckland, my partner came across a classic arcade version of Street Fighter II.  Being the nerd that I am, I gasped at the discovery and quickly walked over to check it out.

The cabinet didn’t immediately bring back memories for me when I was a kid.  In fact, I was probably too little to even reach where the arcade stick and buttons were!

To my amazement the cost to play a game was only 50 cents.  I rummaged through my pocket, found a 50 cent coin and dropped it into the cabinet.

Street Fighter II Character Select Screen

The classic characters were all there.  Ryu.  Ken.  Chun-Li.  It was a joy seeing it all again as I had grown accustomed to more modern fighting games like Street Fighter IV & Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I eagerly switched to Ken as he was one of the few characters move sets I fully knew.  And it was here as I played the game, I had come to one very apparent realization:

I suck at Street Fighter II.

Quarter turns refused to quarter turn.  Hadokens were sad punches.  Shoryukens whiffed. And I was getting body slammed repeatedly by that Russian Bear Zangief.  Whether it was because the control stick wasn’t responding or I wasn’t doing the movements properly – nothing was working.

Although I was lost in spectacular fashion, it was a lot of fun reliving my early experiences of video games.  Nostalgia can have a great effect on you.  It transports you back to the days of your youth, when nothing else mattered.

What classic games do you miss playing?  Are there any that you still play to this day?

DuckTales Woo-oo

I was flipping through my Twitter feed earlier today and saw a really interesting tweet:

O M G!

Capcom announced they’re doing a remastered edition of DuckTales starring everyone’s favorite feathered billionaire Scrooge McDuck.

Judging from the trailer it looks as like they’re recapturing the magic of the NES classic. Here’s hoping for an awesome rendition of the Moon level.

The Tim Schafer quote at the beginning of the trailer was fantastic too.

What do you think of Capcom’s latest announcement? Are there any other game properties you’d want to see a remake for?

Live Long and Prosper

May is looking to be another great month for movies. The latest international trailer for the new Star Trek movie has just been released and from the looks of it…some things will be going down!

I’m not 100% sure why all the previews on YouTube have this attractive blonde woman in her undies as the teaser photo but who am I to complain?

What did you think of the trailer? Looking forward to another adventure with the Enterprise crew?

Power On

Traveling the past two years has made it difficult to catch up on one of my favourite hobbies: video games.

Now that I’m somewhat settled in New Zealand, I finally took the plunge and purchased an Xbox 360 from Trade Me.  You can only imagine my excitement when I finally picked it up last week!

Back in Black

Loot! (L to R) Halo Reach, Sleeping Dogs, Bulletstorm, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands

I’m using this purchase to work toward one of my goals of reviewing video games.  This has been a goal of mine the last few years and I’m hopeful that I can give you some insights about what I’m playing.

Stay tuned and watch this space!  Reviews will be coming in the near future.

Emergence Day

Been a few weeks hasn’t it folks?

I will be blunt.  Things have been busy.  But I’ll see if I can catch you up quickly on what I’ve been up to:

  • The latest season of the Walking Dead has been awesome.  Several ups and downs but I can see it’s building up to something big. 
  • The Big Bang Theory – Season 6?  Kind of getting old now.  While it was interesting that the writers were taking the show and its characters in a new direction, it seems a lot of it has gotten stale lately.  Hopefully the later episodes are a lot better than what’s been on the airwaves.
  • Video Games: I recently purchased another xbox 360.  It’s been a long time coming but this is what I was waiting to do for a while.  Watch this space for reviews (of old and “maybe” new games).
  • Movies – I’ve see a few movies that I’ve been meaning to get my thoughts on.  They are as follows (in no particular order): Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi.
  • Personal: When we last spoke I had recently started exercising again.  I’m happy to report that not only have I managed to stick with it, I feel significantly better.  I have more energy, feel stronger and think this is the best shape I’ve ever been in my whole life. 

While I can’t guarantee I’ll always be around to write, I want to make it clear I haven’t abandoned this blog.  

Watch this space!

Movie Review – Wreck-It Ralph

Video games and movies are two things that very rarely work together. Movies like Super Mario Brothers, Double Dragon and Street Fighter do not bring up positive movie memories for a lot of people. Wreck-It Ralph however, does an admirable job of stepping away from these live action disappointments and delivers an entertaining movie complete with colourful characters and great visuals.

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Pain. Everywhere. Why?

I’ve discussed at length about my journey to a more fitter lifestyle.

Thus far it’s been going well.  I’ve been running & training a few days a week.  My diet has become healthier: fruit & vegetables, less sugary drinks and smaller portion sizes.  Even though it’s been two weeks I haven’t relapsed back to my previous “diet”.

Presently I’m in a LOT of pain.  The reason?

Barbell Matrix or as it’s more commonly known as Body Pump.

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